Friday, July 12, 2019

Summer Heat

It is the start of the truly ugly season in Texas, where we start counting the number of days over 100 degrees, as well as the number of days since it last rained.  Fortunately, June was unusually wet this year, so we are starting off in a slightly better position than normal.

Most of my garden is just struggling to breathe, but this one small portion is really glowing.  The rock roses (both native and Brazilian) seem to flourish in the heat.  The Wrights Purple Skullcap, just finishing its first year, is blooming, and I purchased an (annual) Plumbago on clearance.  I don't know why some Plumbagos say they are perennial, and others annual.  I didn't realize this was an annual, so I was disappointed when I got home and read the tag.  But truthfully, it looks so beautiful in this garden, that it was well worth the $8 to liven up it up for just a year.  In the front left, I have the Texas Betony that I also purchased on clearance, that seems to be doing well, also.  This is truly the best this part of hte garden has ever looked!

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