Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Haunted Trail

Kyle is preparing a haunted trail as a fundraiser for his Eagle Project.   Below are some pictures of props from our back woods.

 The entrance to the trail.  The sign will eventually say. DO NOT ENTER THE WOODS.

The cages were made from dollar store laundry baskets :o)

A creepy tree near the start of the trail.  Made from skeleton hands purchased at the dollar store.

Do you recognize this guy, swinging around having a good ol' time?

Probably the hardest thing we have worked on.  I am still looking to improve him.

We "corpsified" a skeleton, by taking an old skeleton that had come apart, then covering him in plastic, using a heat gun to shrink wrap the plastic until it looked like tendons, and then used wood stain to make it look corpse-colored.

We then proceed to Spider alley. 

 A friend is lending us a cocoon-wrapped corpse that will hang beside the web.  There is another large web across the trail that I didn't take a photo of.

We have half a dozen spider sacs, made from white knee socks, batting and a bag of spiders. 

Then we come to my proudest accomplishment.  We took a toy bucket (and dumped all of the nerf guns out).  I cut "ribs" from a cardboard box to give it a cauldron shape, then wrapped it in black duct tape.  I bought a $3 black outfit from the Thrift store, which I put on a skeleton that Dave bought me two years ago.  Some batting for steam. And voila: 

(I will replace the twine with fishing wire so it isn't so apparent holding up the stick)

Our woodland dwelling.  I found this idea on pinterest, and we had so many fallen branches is seemed perfect.  

Visitors will have to sort of stoop to peer inside to see this guy.

And while they are peering in, behind them is a perfect hiding place for a teen to jump scare them :o)  Shh, don't tell!

Then we come to our dungeon.  Made from a free pallet that we got from McCoys, and some dollar store hands.  It has a red light on it at night, so it looks like a dungeon.  It night with the shadows, it is actually pretty creepy.

And we borrowed this guy as well from a friend.  There was a nice hole in the tree, and Kyle thought we needed something coming out of it!

And finally, on the way out, we will have our "gore" scene.  We have a hanging body bag (we will add blood day of, but since the blood is made from corn syrup and cocoa, I figured we didn't want to attract animals in advance!

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