Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Flowers

May 18, 2013

● May Flowers

With the little bit of rain we have gotten, all of the flowers and plants that we planted a month ago are doing very well.  

My duranta on the porch has recovered from the winter, and has started to bloom!

And the mixed pots that my mom put together are absolutely gorgeous.  I am enjoying them now,  because I know the 100 degree days are coming!

Unfortunately, the one plant not doing so well is my Loquat tree.  I'm not sure if he has transplant issues, or if the porch doesn't have enough light, or maybe he doesn't like his big pot? But he is losing a lot of his lower leaves, and some of the smaller offshoots seem to have completely died.  Since planting him, I have seen lots of others in the neighborhood (though none in pots) and I really like the small tree.  If this guy bites it, I may buy another one to plant in the yard!

My north porch bed is all in bloom - and everything is doing well!  The roses have grown back from the third that I trimmed back in February... and they may need another trim soon!  My salvia has also recovered from its big cut back, and is in full bloom as is my Damianita!  Even the daylillies are still in bloom!

The bed that my mom and I planted is doing well.  Everything seems to be settling in and making roots.  I haven't had a whole lot of growth, but considering that the plants are only one month old, that isn't too surprising!  My Esperanza is in bloom and the canna seems to like its new spot!

And my garden continues to grow.  We have pulled off three zucchini, and have a number of tomatoes that are growing larger every day!

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