Monday, April 15, 2013

New Patio Plants

April 15, 2013
● New Patio Plants

My patio needed some sprucing up after the winter.  Since my mom was in town, we went shopping for some plants to add some color.  

Mom had the idea of adding some permanent foliage to my concrete pad by potting a small tree.  We went to the Natural Gardener, and found this Loquat tree.  

It is very unusual, as it blooms in the fall and winter, and then grows edible fruit in the spring.  

If the tree really grows, I may have to transplant it in five years or so... but I might kill it before then as well ;o)  And until then, I will enjoy it!

While shopping for groceries last week, I found this really adorable ant holding a pot.  I fell in love, and purchased a small plant to go in it.  Unfortunately, it is somewhat top heavy, and has been knocked over many times.  I may need to place it somewhere else, or figure out how to keep it stable.  I'm also fairly certain that no plant that small is going to make it through the 100 degree summer days, but it looks really cute right now!

My mom is an amazing flower arranger.  So, we went to Wal-Mart and picked up a bunch of annuals.  Anything that caught our eye.  The two beautiful gray pots are her arrangement.  

My mother-in-law gave me the orange plant - kalanchoe.  She took a piece of plant from her own bush, planted it, and says it will root and grow.  How awesome is that??

And the last pot is some left-over snapdragons from last year.  My mom helped me to divide them into two pots.  We'll see if they grow!

And the Nandina and Duranta plants from last year in the bench planter are doing well.  I'm hoping the Duranta will bloom again all summer - because it was so pretty last year!

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